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3D point clouds & models, orthomosaic mapping

Levitate Aerial Imaging uses the latest software to generate 3D models and high definition orthomosaic maps for use in the construction, surveying, property and insurance sectors.

By capturing and then merging multiple overlapping aerial images we can create accurate models far more quickly and cost-effectively than has previously been possible. These outputs can be viewed through our software or exported to BIM and CAD systems.

Our maps and models are a simple, fast and cost-effective means to gain insight into work, monitor progress and manage work, including:

  • oversight & progress reports: real time monitoring with regularly updated aerial maps/models enabling progress to be tracked against milestones and a permanent record to be made

  • condition surveys: accurate point cloud data to identify problems and create a detailed record of a building's condition

  • virtual design: export drone point clouds to CAD and BIM systems

  • topographic maps: accurate topographic maps, including elevation data, created far more efficiently than traditional methods

  • sharing outputs with teams, sub-contractors, investors and other stakeholders, keeping everyone up-to-date regardless of location

  • improving safety: identify problems in hard-to-reach places without putting personnel at risk

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