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Professional aerial photography, filming, surveys & inspections

professional aerial photography, filming, surveys & inspections

Surveying & construction

Drones are already having an impact on the surveying & construction industries, from land and building surveys, to mapping, progress reports and even site security, they provide high quality imagery, particularly of large and hard-to-reach areas.


Levitate Aerial Imaging delivers numerous benefits to property owners/managers and estate agents, from stunning marketing materials and property showreels, to cost-effective security and building inspections.

Surveys & inspections

Our drones are perfectly suited to detailed aerial surveys, from roof inspections to construction site progress and time lapse filming and crop monitoring.

Their application is particularly suited to construction, property and facilities management and insurance, saving time and money. Drones can also improve site safety and security by avoiding the need to have staff access high-risk and hard-to-reach areas.

Filming & photography

Visual media is integral to all forms of marketing and advertising, but providing a new perspective can be challenging (and expensive).

Levitate Aerial Imaging can deliver the video and still images that grab short attention spans and boost your business. Our drones shoot ultra-high definition 4k video through 360 degrees, while also taking striking 12 megapixel stills.

Mapping & modelling

Levitate Aerial Imaging uses the latest software to generate 3D models and high definition orthomosaic maps for use in construction, surveying, property and insurance.

By capturing and then merging multiple overlapping aerial images we can create accurate models far more quickly and cost-effectively than has previously been possible. These outputs can be viewed through our software or exported to BIM and CAD systems.

Our maps and models are a simple, fast and cost-effective means to gain insight into work, monitor progress and manage work

Leisure & tourism

Levitate delivers the striking aerial film and photographs that used to be the preserve of helicopters and cranes.

Our high resolution aerial imaging can showcase your hotel, golf course or visitor attraction, enhancing websites, advertising and promotional materials.


The insurance industry is beginning to realise the value drones can provide, supporting more accurate quotes and post-incident assessments, reducing operational costs and mitigating risk.

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