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stunning promotional images

Levitate Aerial Imaging drones deliver numerous benefits to commercial and residential property owners/managers and estate agents, from stunning marketing materials and property showreels to cost-effective security and building inspections.

Not sure how aerial imaging can support your work, then do check out our introduction to Drones for Surveying.

  • Marketing and sales: stunning aerial videos and still photographs of residential and commercial properties for sale or rent. The high-resolution camera provides a 360 degree view along with a unique perspective previously only possible from a helicopter.


  • Inspections and maintenance: speed-up building, maintenance and insurance inspections, saving significant time and money – tasks that would normally take several people hours or even days can be completed in one drone assignment


  • Safety & security: avoid sending staff into high or dangerous locations for maintenance and security checks - a drone flight saves time and money and helps keep your staff safe.

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