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If adverse weather (rain, high winds, fog) means it’s not safe to fly we re-schedule flights at no cost to our clients.

If conditions at the site on the day of filming mean it is not safe to continue (for instance unexpected public ingress) we will re-arrange and work with the client to put appropriate safety measures in place.

If the flight cannot be re-scheduled we will discuss the cancellation and potential costs to reach a reasonable compromise (for instance, if the filming is for a specific event that cannot be moved). We’re happy to discuss this in advance of agreeing any filming.

If a flight is cancelled due to a client no longer require our services the 40% deposit will not be refunded unless agreed otherwise in advance. Any costs incurred by Levitate Aerial Imaging over and above the value of the 40% deposit will have to be met by the client.

Postponements & cancellations

Professional aerial photography, filming, surveys & inspections

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