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faster, cheaper, safer

According to the New Civil Engineer drones provide a competitive advantage through “time savings, cost savings and increased operational efficiency”.

Levitate Aerial Imaging can help deliver that competitive advantage through faster, cheaper and safer site surveys, progress reports, land, building and high structure inspections.


The high-resolution camera provides the detailed images needed by surveyors, architects, project managers and building inspectors, reducing the need for expensive and risky manual safety inspections, while delivering a high quality service with significant savings over traditional methods.

Not sure how aerial imaging can support your work, then do check out our introduction to Drones for Surveying.

  • Site surveys: detailed examination of high-risk and hard-to-reach areas, along with fast coverage of large areas

  • Roof inspections: close-up images of residential and commercial roofs, chimneys and gutters, avoiding the need for expensive scaffolding or cranes

  • High-structure inspections: a quick and safe means of checking cranes, towers and other high structures

  • Site planning: aerial site plans to support planning processes, identify risks and access issues through 360 degree panoramas

  • Progress inspections: proof-of-build progress to support matching finance release

  • 3D modelling  and 2D mapping of large areas and individual structures to support volumetric earthwork measurements, progress and as-built handover surveys

  • Repeatable flights: GPS-controlled waypoint flights to repeat the same path, creating time lapse images and progress analysis

  • Marketing: stunning film and photographs of the completed project to support marketing activities and secure future work

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