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Drones for surveying: more with less

faster, cheaper, safer

Receive your FREE Drones for Surveying guide

Levitate Aerial Imaging's new free guide to using drones for surveying provides a great introduction to how drones can support surveyors, improving productivity, expanding capacity and delivering a high quality service to clients.

An extract is below, but for the full report just complete the form and we'll email you the PDF.


Drones for surveying: more with less

"Drones are proving to be a disruptive technology in a growing number of sectors, but no more so than surveying.


The latest drone technology speeds-up condition, maintenance, dilapidation and insurance surveys and inspections, saving time and money while improving service quality for surveyors, construction companies and their clients.


The ability to collect geospatial data efficiently and safely and translate that data into point clouds and 3D textured maps and models is highly cost effective compared to traditional methods, while delivering great results."


For the full report just complete the form below and we'll send you the PDF right away.

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