New drone regulations in force

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced a revision to the Air Navigation Order 2016, elements of which will come into force from today (30 July 2018), including:

  • 400ft operating height limitation for all small unmanned aircraft

  • drones weighing 7kg or less must not fly within 1km of the boundary of specific types of aerodrome without Air Traffic Control (or CAA) permission

In accordance with our CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) Levitate already operates to a maximum height of 400ft. On those occasions when we fly close to airports/aerodromes we also always notify the ATC in advance and seek their permission to operate.

So while these changes are welcome and important in improving safety, they won't impact how we operate.

From 30 November 2019 everyone - including those flying for fun - flying a drone over 250 gramms must register with the CAA and display the registration number on the aircraft, and also complete a competency test. More details of how to register are expected in the coming months.

CAA height restrictions for all drones

CAA: drone restrictions around aerodromes


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