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Not so good at flying, great at swimming...

Levitate, working with ApplyDrone, has been testing out a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV), an underwater drone with integrated spotlights and high quality camera.

ROVs have fantastic potential to inspect underwater assets, from canal locks to piers, jetties, harbour walls, boat hulls and more that would otherwise require divers - or just not be checked at all.

The ROV is fast to deploy, highly manoeuvrable and can operate in fresh and salt water while recording 4K HD video.

Example footage from an inspection of a canal lock gate will be made available soon, but do get in touch if you'd like to find out more.

Underwater drone - perfect for inspecting canals, piers, jetties, piling & other underwater infrastructure
Chasing M2 Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV)
M2 Chasing in action inspecting a canal lockgate


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