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Aerial damage inspection

Levitate was asked to provide a detailed inspection of an industrial unit in Feltham, so after notifying Heathrow and the Met Police of the flight (the site is less than 2 miles from the runways), we agreed a flight plan with the site owner.

The objective was to gain high quality video and stills of the rooflines and guttering in order to identify damaged sections and help develop a maintenance (and possible replacement) plan.

The first image shows the entire roof, with the particularly area of concern (and leaks) in middle section, which is very difficult to view other than by air.

Industrial unit roof inspection

The Levitate drone was then able to focus in on this area:

Detailed damage assessment

Without the drone a costly cherry-picker or crane would have been required, causing more disruption as well as taking significantly longer: less than 2 hours after arrival the client was reviewing the full set of images on their own laptop.

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