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New insights for roof inspections

Levitate recently took the opportunity to test out the new DroneDeploy Roof Report software while inspecting a school roof - with impressive results.

3D model of school buildings

DroneDeploy is a specialist software tool used to capture the high definition aerial imagery needed to create high resolution orthomasaic 2D maps and 3D models. In this instance the Levitate drone captured 183 images of the school buildings from above and side-on which were used to create the maps and 3D model.

What is new is the Roof Report, a means of accurately identifying different roof and edge types, along with surface area, edge and perimeter measurements.

Using drones for roof inspections is safer and quicker than traditional methods, and this new solution means drone inspections provide the data (99.4% accurate according to DroneDeploy) essential to maintaining & repairing roofs, installing solar panels and even insuring them.

Do get in touch if you'd like to see a copy of the full report.

The screenshots below provide a sample of the report - the first image outlines the different roof areas and types for further analysis:

This is then used to analyse the individual roof lines and edges along with the edge types and perimeter, pitch and surface areas:

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