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Top 5 construction applications for drones

Although a fairly new technology, drones are already having a significant impact in the construction industry, improving efficiency, safety and productivity - here are the top 5 applications...

1. Track progress

Drones can quickly generate aerial images, highly detailed orthomosaic maps and 3D models of construction sites to create visual progress reports and timelines.

The same flight can be repeated on a regular basis to track groundworks and build progress, reducing the need to walk the site, saving time and improving safety by avoiding putting personnel in risky situations.

2. Compare actual work with plans

Visually rich orthomosaic maps can be overlaid with site and utility plans to compare current site conditions against plans and identify potential problems early.

Construction site drone mapping (DroneDeploy)

Design changes can be communicated using maps of the site as it currently is, not as it was before work started, so reducing the scope for errors and confusion.

The maps and 3D models can also be loaded into BIM, CAD and GIS systems to support project and design teams.

3. Communicate and share

The drone images and maps can easily be shared between project teams and sub-contractors using cloud-based systems, connecting those in different locations and back at head office. The regularly updated site maps can be annotated online so everyone is working from the same information.

External stakeholders and funders can also be updated and given access to 3D models for an in-depth perspective that is difficult from ground-based images alone.

4. Accurate measurements

The maps created by the drone can be used to measure stockpile volumes and take other measurements, with accuracy greatly enhanced through the use of Ground Control Points.

This means project teams can quickly measure sub-contractor progress against target, identify access issues for large loads, volumes of earth to be moved, or even site safety issues.

5. Marketing

Regular aerial images are a fantastic promotion and marketing tool for new developments, with visual timelines and timelapses a great way to capture the interest of prospective occupiers and owners.

They can also be used by the contractors to publicise their work, along with the adoption of technologies that improve site efficiency and safety.

To discuss how drones could support your projects do get in touch.

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