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Henry VIII, Jane Seymour, D-Day planning... and now drones!

Levitate was recently commissioned to conduct a detailed roof inspection of the stunning Littlecote House Hotel near Hungerford, a Grade I listed Tudor manor house where Henry VIII courted Jane Seymour and plans for D-Day were made.

Littlecote House

We were tasked to help the hotel and their roofing consultants understand the condition of the (equally historic) roof and the work required to ensure it is maintained and repaired to the required standards, while also minimising disruption to guests.

Multiple drone flights, several hundred images and close-up video footage later we provided the data needed to support the assessment, helping to quantify slipped tiles, blocked gutters and valleys, damaged flashing, vegetation and more.

In addition to the raw footage we supplied a high definition orthomosaic map of the hotel (multiple images merged into a single high definition image) and our automated Roof Report, which identifies and measures each edge, perimeter, valley, eave and surface areas.

Do get in touch if you'd like to find out more about this service.

Roof Report automatically identifies & measures edges, perimeters & surface areas

The images below are a small selection taken during the inspection

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