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Aerial inspection analysis: faster and safer

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Drones are amazing inspection tools for hard to reach or otherwise awkward areas, from roofs to pylons, aerials and more.

A recent inspection was a perfect example: a boiler flue on an 8-storey residential building was believed to have a leak, but a cherry-picker alone would have cost £3,000+, disruption to residents and permission from the council to use a neighbouring park for access.

At a fraction of the cost and time Levitate delivered an aerial inspection which quickly identified the problem: a misplaced vent cover.

While drone inspections can generate great results, they can also generate an overload of images, making it difficult to analyse and (on uniform surfaces) identify exactly where the issue is.

The results were therefore presented using Scopito, a new tool which enables the easy identification, analysis and sharing of visual inspections.

Aerial boiler flue inspection
Roof inspections with drones

Each image is geo-located (particularly useful for large inspection areas) and interrogated for problems, with annotations added to identify, comment and rank the severity of the issue.

The inspection can then be shared online for further analysis by other team members, or a PDF report generated.

For an example report and to discuss your inspection requirements do get in touch.


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