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How can drones revolutionise your business?

A recent article highlighted the transformative impact drones are having on business operations across multiple sectors.

The latest drones are far more than flying cameras: software and hardware developments mean that data collected by drones is revolutionising operations in surveying, construction, agriculture, engineering and beyond. According to Forbes...

  • Entrepreneur Magazine maintains drones reduce the time taken to complete tasks such as roof inspections by six-fold

  • Identified Technology believes drones make mapping 75% more efficient due to faster data acquisition

  • Mining companies are saving thousands of hours while improving accuracy and profitability through drone-based analysis

  • Drones enable more cost-effective and efficient crop spray application (compared to helicopters or aircraft), supporting planting, monitoring, soil analysis, irrigation and crop health assessments

The exploitation of drone-collected data, from accurate 3D models and maps, to counting objects through RFID recognition, volume analysis for construction and mining and crop analysis, can be applied to an increasing range of businesses, so do get in touch to find out how drones could help you.

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