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Drones: the surveyor's new best friend

Drones are proving a disruptive technology in a growing number of sectors, but no more so than in surveying.

The ability to collect geospatial data (distance, elevation, direction) efficiently and safely and translate that data from high definition images to point clouds and 3D textured maps and models is proving cost effective compared to traditional methods, while delivering great results.

Roof inspections made easy

Drones also avoid the need to send surveyors into risky or restricted areas, improving safety while providing higher data quality than a purely visual survey.

The surveying applications are numerous...

  • building inspections, particularly roofs and hard to reach places

  • asset management and condition surveys

  • 3D mapping and modelling of large areas and individual structures

  • surface maps to support accurate groundworks, foundations, construction

  • repeatable surveys using weypoints to monitor progress/change over time

To discuss how your work could benefit from drones to get in touch.

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