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Detailed roof data for PV installations

Levitate is one of the first drone companies in the UK to offer a new aerial roofing report which automatically identifies different roof and edge types, along with surface area, edge and perimeter measurements.

The application was developed specifically with photo-voltaic solar developers in mind and means we can quickly, safely and cheaply deliver the data essential to PV installations, particularly more complex commercial developments.

The outputs include a detailed roof data report along with a 3D model and point cloud, which can be exported into industry applications such as PV*Sol Premium to help understand shading and other issues.

The advantages include:

  • Accuracy: +99% accuracy means there's no need for estimates or nasty surprises once the installation starts

  • Speed: most drone flights can be completed in less than an hour with the outputs provided same day or next

  • Safety: no need to put personnel at heights

  • Share: all outputs can be exported and shared within your team and with the client

The screenshots below provide a sample of what can be achieved - do get in touch for a copy of a full example report.

3D model output as part of roof drone assessment

Automatic roof measurements

Roof edge measurements

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