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Top 5 ways drones can benefit construction

Although a fairly new technology, drones are already having a significant impact in the construction industry, improving efficiency, safety and productivity - here are the top 5 applications…

1. Bid: use drone surveys and data collation to inspect sites, assess design feasibility, brief clients & model projects

2. Design: ensure designs are informed by actual site conditions & constraints, identifying potential problems through detailed, repeatable surveys

3. Construct: track progress, integrate with BIM & CAD, improve site planning & quality control, measure distance/volume/area, improve site safety & create robust audit trails

4. Communicate: share & annotate images/maps between project teams, sub-contractors, head office and clients

5. Market: engage current & future clients with images, video and 3D models of your completed projects

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation on how drones can support your projects.

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