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NHS roof measurement made easy

Levitate was recently tasked to conduct a detailed roof inspection at an NHS facility in Sussex along with mapping of the site to help clarify the property boundary.

Mapping of the site was achieved through programmed flight paths that generated over 500 high definition over-lapping images. These images were then merged to create a detailed orthomosaic map, from which area and distance measurements could be taken.

The resulting measurements and map provided a level of insight not available from the Land Registry documents that had previously been relied upon, all completed within a couple of hours on site.

Large area topographical mapping

An additional inspection of one building was also completed, resulting in close-up images (using zoom lens) of the roof condition and a 3D model.

This 3D model and point cloud was then processed to generate a roof report, detailed measurements of every roof surface which otherwise would only be available by having personnel work at height using a crane or scaffolding, which would also take significantly longer.

Roof measurements by drone

To ensure there was no disruption to patients and staff...

  • the drone flights were completed before 9am to minimise the number of people present

  • the drone remained at a height of at least 50 meters at all times, which means it couldn't be heard on the ground

  • no images were taken in which individuals could be identified

To find out how Levitate can support your facilities and asset management do get in touch.

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