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Culvert inspection by drone

One of Levitate's clients, working on behalf of the Environment Agency, was tasked to assess a partially blocked culvert in north London with a view to clearing it.

The challenging conditions within the culvert meant that a 6-person confined space team proved unable to assess the quantity of silt and other debris.

Elios 2 confined space drone

Levitate therefore recommended using an Elios 2 confined space inspection drone as an alternative. The Elios is a unique piece of technology, combining a robust collision protection cage with a high definition camera, powerful lighting and a transmission system effective beyond line of sight.

By partnering with one of the few companies in the UK to offer this technology, Angell Surveys, we were able to have the Elios on site within a few days.

The bifurcated culvert totalled approximately 120 meters length split between two channels. The Elios successfully entered and travelled nearly the entire length of each channel, capturing the detail required to generate an accurate proposal for removal of the silt and debris - all within a couple of hours on site.

The video shows the Elios in action and re-emerging after the successful mission.

Do get in touch if you'd like to discuss the inspection potential of drones, internally or externally.


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