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Drone inspections - not just roofs

Drones are great tools for external inspections of hard to reach places, but they can do far more as a recent project illustrated.

Safe and efficient roof inspection
Quickly and safely identify damaged roofs

Levitate was appointed to conduct an inspection of a semi-derelict pumping station by a water company.

In addition to capturing detailed images of the roof, we also deployed one of our smaller drones to fly inside the building to help assess the internal condition.

The high-definition camera, augmented by a LED spotlight securely attached to the drone, can also look directly upwards rather than just down, so was perfect for this type of high-level internal inspection.

The data collected supported analysis of the vegetation ingress, cracks in the walls and condition of the substantial (and historic) hoist.

Using a drone was also safer as it reduced the time spent anyone had to spend under the crumbling roof structure, while also removing the need to work at height.

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