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36 buildings, two days, +1,000 images...

Levitate completed one of our larger projects recently, inspecting 36 buildings at Roedean School on the south coast near Brighton as part of Stace LLPs planned preventative maintenance survey.

With just two days to complete the work (while pupils were off for half-term), the project required detailed planning to ensure everything ran smoothly. The other main challenge was how to present the data back to the client: a folder of +1,000 images would not be that helpful.

Flight planning

Key to this was our use of Hammer Missions, which enabled flights to be planned in advance for each building, determining drone altitude, flight time, image overlap and obstacles, improving efficiency while on site and helping to ensure consistency of image capture.

Flight plan developed in advance and then checked on the day

Data analysis

Once the imagery was captured the next challenge was organising and making sense of well over 1,000 images.

To support this we used the Hammer Missions data analysis function, which locates each geo-referenced image on a google map; when that mark is clicked the image can be viewed, zoomed in and checked for defects.

Rather than scrolling through hundreds of images trying to work out which section of roof has the missing slate, this makes it straightforward to identify and locate damage.

Using Hammer means our clients can identify the location of each image & then assess for damage

To discuss how our aerial asset inspection can support your building management and condition assessment requirements do get in touch.


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